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B&T for the holidays - one step inside and you'll be singing carols. The festive holiday season is one to behold at B&T. Gifts galore of course, holiday home decor, and ornaments of every shape, size and colour! A simple stroll through the store will not only put you in the spirit, it will provide some great ideas.

Art Supplies

are a popular gift this season. These porcelain figurines are available in almost any setting you can imagine. Start someone a new collection or add to an existing one!


The perfect gift for the holidays is yours to give at B&T in Dawson Creek.


Seasonal Decor - Regardless of the season, we've got something that will add style to your home, office or even yourselft or a friend! Check out our new line of Pine Ridge Art Inc. Calendars and Stationery.

Art Supplies

comes but once a year. A vivid tree is easy at B&T. Traditional style with modern colours abound in the biggest ornament collection in the Peace! Sports ornaments, specialty ornaments, ones for the office... we have them all!

Seasonal decorating ideas for home or office, home decor, lighting, artificial plants and trees.Special orders available.